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The Institute of Environmental Services (hereinafter referred to as “the IES”) is a centre for education and training of the French-based global corporation Veolia. The IES is a joint venture of individual Veolia divisions in the Czech Republic. It operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; some of its products/services/training courses are also provided in other European countries. The IES is an important part of the international network of Veolia training centres known as Veolia campuses.
Education is one of Veolia priorities; it is an integral part of its corporate culture and an important factor contributing to its distinction in the marketplace. The single corporate culture, high qualification and competency standards are key aspects to the functioning of the Group that has more than 202 800 employees in 11 geographical zones worldwide and to meeting the requirements and needs of its clients.
Veolia is the only global group able to provide the whole range of environmental services in the field of water supply and wastewater collection (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia ensured by the company Veolia Water), energy services, electricity production, heating & cooling (company Dalkia Czech Republic and Dalkia Slovakia) and environmental services which comprise of waste collection, waste treatment and recycling (Veolia Environmental Service).

IES’ Core Activities

  • Education and training (core business)
  • HR services(such as the Assessment Centre / Development Centre, and employee appraisal systems)
  • Technical assistance in and consulting on the implementation of the quality management system (QMS), environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS)
  • Publishing and editing(publication of the total of 110,000 copies of periodicals and monographs including specialized non-fiction and popular science books, production of promotional and training films, electronic monthly newsletter LE SERVICE with approximately 9,000 regular readers)
  • EU grant consulting